Early studies testing (2 or 3%) strength solutions of rogaine -minoxidil- for the treatment of Agha were promising. A five year follow up for thirty one men have a mistreatment with two or third for Agha showed that hair regrowth tended to peak at one year, with a slow decline in regrowth, but that nonvellus hair, beyond that seen at baseline, was maintained at 4.5 to five years later. The topical use of two and five-hitter Rogaine incontestable statistically important will increase in hair weights if you compared with placebo. This study was with four teams of 9 men every (5%, 2%,vehicle alone, and placebo). The increase in hair counts was reduced, suggesting that the benefit is principally maintaining and thickeningpre-existent hairs.

majority of dermatologists say that the greater hair growth will be achieved with the five hundred resolution. and, a randomized, placebo controlled trial to compare the effectuality and efficacy  of topical five-hitter resolution with topical two and placebo in men incontestible forty fifth additional hair growth at week forty eight in the five-hitter team compared to the two team.

An other randomized, placebo controlled trial comparing the efficaciousness of topical five-hitter resolution with topical a pair of and placebo in females. demonstrated statistically vital inflated hair growth in each the five-hitter and a pair of team over the placebo team, but not essentially in the five-hitter over the two team. There was an inflated prevalence of itching, irritation, and hypertrichosis in the 5% versus the two team.

Recently, minoxidil was developed into a five-hitter foam formula. A randomized, placebo controlled trial of 5% foam showed a statistically important increase in (1) hair counts and (2) subjective assessment over placebo throughout a 16-week amount of double daily usage.

The 1% resolution has recently been established effective in treating Asian females during a irregular, placebo controlled trial, where there was a statistically vital increase in nonvellus hair counts over placebo.