Ultrax Labs Hair Lush caffeine Thickening Treatment Formula serum has been designed to bring out the most effective in your hair.
Increase the thickness of every hair strand for a fuller, thicker wanting head of hair. Break through caffeine innovation technology provides optimum hair thickening long lasting advantages. Leave in caffeine formulation will increase hair growth whereas minimizing hair loss.

more a about the product:

-Instantly Thicken Hair with Advanced Leave In caffeine Thickening serum.
-Re-Activate and Jump begin Hair Follicles to Grow Healthy Hair once more.
-Highly Effective Leave In caffeine Hair Stimulation Treatment.
-Ads fullness and body to cutting hair. Safe and Effective for each men and women.
-Boosts and accelerates Production of new Hair Growth.

research about relation betwin Caffeine and baldness:
The researchers who worked on this project were T. W. Fischer MD, U. C. Hipler PhD andP. Elsner MD.
They took biopsies from the scalps of fourteen men within the early stages of hair loss.
They then exposed the hair follicles to solutions containing completely different levels of caffeine.
They additionally exposed a number of the follicles to DHT, the hormone accountable for hair loss.
After eight days, even the hair follicles exposed to the DHT showed growth.
Growth was greatest in follicles that were placed in solutions of caffeine only.