Thomas Moore from Maryland decided to grow out his hair , tow years ago whene he was eighteen.

his mom, Angie Pulos,was watching a video on the internet about Kyssi , she was a small girl battling cancer and had lost all her hair,.

After that,the small Thomas decided to do something to help the girl.

cancer tretment can lead to a total baldness in very fast time, this cause for patient a hard psychic damage.

He didn’t set a time limited for how long he would grow his hair ,
 he just wanted it to be long enough to make the girl feel happy.

On Saturday, accompanied by his mom and siblings, Thomas finally got his hair cut.

his aunt tweeted his photos before and after the haircut, which have since gone viral, and got more than 56,000 twitt.

Aafter the Haircut, “he said he felt good about it and hoped it would make other kids and people happy. and we say thanx thomas.