hair loss is one of most frequent problems of hair , millions of men and women around all over world are suffering from, and more than 70% of mans loss their hair in an advanced age , some of th em loss it earlier , the first cause of hair loss for most men and women is the genetic change .

to cure hair loss ,it require to know the process that lead to hair loss , so like this we can fight the malady , hair loss occur when testosterone start changing to dihydro-testosterone , this one attack the hair follicles and inhibit the normal growth of hair.

the transformation of testosterone to a dihydro testosterone is catalyzed by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase , this enzyme is the responsible of all cases if hair loss with a genetic origin .

so to stop hair loss first we should stop the transformation of testosterone too dihydro-testosterone, like this we stop the problem from the origin, to do this researchers discovered a type of treatments called DHT BLOCKERS, those drugs are able to stop the -alpha reductase, and stoping the catalyze of testosterone to dihydro testosterone, as a result of DHT BLOCKERS use we can stop hair loss definitely .

the best way to stop hair loss is to stop the function of testosterone , and the best way and the safest way to do this is to use DHT BLOCKERS , in this shampoo -vitamin- all most effective DHT BLOCKESR are mixed in one product, and more then this tow elements , known as the most effective elements in hair loss treatments industry, biotin and argane oil , those are the most powerful spices ever used to stop hair loss and help to growth a new hair, in a very short time with the continued use.

biotin is the protein number one and responsible of the formation of hair , this protein stimulate the operations of the structure formations of hair proteins , and it's very helpful to make the hair stronger and stop his fall.

argane oil a very famous oil used by millions around the world that gave them a very important results , with a great ability to make you hair tree times stronger.

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