minoxidil is one of most helpful drug in hair loss medical industry , this product has a magic effect in regrowthing a new hair, and maintaining the existing hair, depanding my experience ,i can say is the number one  but to make treatment with rogaine more helpful, is require to use other solutions and drugs , like shampoos and additional nutriments etc... to make sure of the efficacy of the treatment, but we know that minoxidil help to regrow hair and stop hair loss , but hair can fall for many reasons ,like stress and others, so is it useful for pattern baldness ?

the pattern baldness , scientific name is androgenetic alopecia and it is the genetic type of hair loss, this genetic transformation in hair scalp is caused by the transformation of the testosterone to other molecule , the dihydro-testosterone, this molecule attack the hair follicles , then inhibit the natural growth of hair, to stop this patient should use the dht blockers, those products can inhibit the catalyze of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, but in this case is not proved that minoxidil can help to stop this transformation that lead to hair loss , but some studies showed that minoxidil has an angiogenesis role ,it help to upregulates the expression of the vascular endothelial factor growth messenger RNA in hair cells, and this is so important , so like this minoxidil can work to stop hair loss.

scientifically is not completely clear how rogaine can help and lead to regrow a new hair and stop his loss , but the studies showed that there is many chemical roles and reactions that happen in scalp when the patient use rogaine, and all those catalyzed reactions help to stop hair loss and regrowth a new hair, and all those studies proved that the 5% solution has showed best results ,and its require for the patient to continue use rogaine ,he can loss the results with the discontinue of the treatment.

in my opinion i have used many products , but the efficacy with all those products was not what I'm waiting , and the product that i feel satisfied of ,was the minoxidil, it helped me to maintain the preexisting hair, and growth a few new hair , but at less you have to use it for sex months, and use the medical shampoos and additional nutriments and natural oils to get best results.