Pattern baldness is the hair loss with genetic origin that lead to baldness, these stars in most of cases in age between 27 and 40 but in some cases it can start at age of 18, and so earlier in other cases, but what happen inside the human body, and what are the chemical reactions and transformations that cause hair loss?

Pattern baldness and hair loss , scientifically called andogenetic alopecia , it’s basically related with the testosterone hormone , at the age when genetic hair loss begins ,it’s time when testosterone hormone starts to be catalyzed to dht , dht is another format of testosterone , (dihydro-testosterone), it’s the responsible of the hair follicles damage ,this molecule attack the follicles this lead to thinning hair , with time develop to hair loss.

The transformation of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone is catalyzed by 5-alpha reductase, with his two types I and II it’s the enzyme responsible of the pattern hair loss chaos , so to stop the hair loss its required to stop this catalyzed transformation.

How to inhibit the work of 5-alpha reductase:

dht blockers are the useful treatments in this case, they are a treatments and drugs with ability to inhibit the 5-alpha reductase, there is many natural herbs and plants contains some dht blockers , for example green tea, it contain catechin a molecule with properties that help to block the 5-alpha reductase, also caffeine and saw palmetto ...

Also many chemical treatments and solutions were developed to help to block dht, and associated with usual shampoos and  drugs, Those treatments called dht blockers , and it's better to mex it with other treatments for best results.