hi i hope you are fine i'm robine and me too , i'm suffering of hair loss, because of this i have used so many of products and hair loss solutions and i can say that i have a good experience in hair loss solutions and treatments , in this article i will share with you some good offers in amazon .com of ragaine foem with a very competitive prices.

so as i said those offers are competitive , depending my experience , prices in pharmacies are more precious than prices in amazon , this why i prefer purchasing my products from this webstore, it's the biggest store in the internet , with a millions of bay and sell operations per day, so secured and your personal information are safe.

now we talk about the products, rogaine it's also called minoxidil, it's a revolutionary product for hair loss treatment, it'a very important vasodilator, it can activate blood circulation in the scalp so giving more chance to follicles to growth a new hair and improve the existing hairs.

rogaine it's available in many chemical forms ,famous one is the solution spray of 5% and 2%, also it's available in foam form , i suggest this foam for some persons for many reasons , because it's preferred in some cases than the solution spray for exemple:

case of dandruff:

many rogaine users has suffered of some side effects , specially dandruff, in this case if you use minoxidil spray you should wash your hair frequently, but the best is to changer to foam,using foam probably don't cause dandruff in most of cases.

optimal contact between minoxidil (rogaine) and scalp:

it most happen a contact between scalp and the rogaine solution ,the rogaine can not react on hair follicles if this don't happen, for sprays an important quantity can stuck on the existing hair and it have a less chance to touch the scalp , for foam this can be avoided because of the special manipulation, you should coat the total of your hair with foam, so you have more chance to coat the maximum superficies of the scalp ,and giving your hair follicles more chance to be activated with minoxidil .

using foam as gel:

most of the rogaine foams in markets are designed to be a hair gel, in same time you keep your hair attractive ,and you use a daily treatment.

if you are interested , you one to try the rogaine foam , i advice you to bay it from amazom for less prices, with a 6 months supply you can get back your hair , 6 month is the optimal period of treatment ,to get the best results .