Minoxidil is one of most useful treatments for all types of hair loss, even if it was androgenitic hair loss or not, minoxidi seems very helpful for all these cases ,it is also called regaine and commercialized under this name in north America, it’s very effective for hair growth, and to stop hair loss in a short time.

How minoxidil work:
Minoxidil is a vasodilator, help hair follicles to get a high blood flow, this result a good nutrition for all hair follicles cells, and give a bigger chance to hair to growth better , and stronger.

Can I growth new hair with minoxidil:
Yes all studies about minoxidil efficacy showed that this treatments help majority of users to regrowth a new hair, and keep safe the preexisting hair, in one month you can stop completly the hair loss, in few next months you can grow a new hair but it may take a long time if you have a pattern baldness.

How can I get minoxidil:
You can buy Regaine or minoxidil in your local pharmacy or from internet.

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In local pharmacies this medicine price is to much higher , you can purchase the medicine from amazon with 12 month supply , just for 50 dollars , this is enough for one year and this is the lowest price you can find ,one year is the optimal period to get a new hair growth.

Buying from amazon is safe , and immediate , the product arrive in 2 week , if you live in north America this take less.

Why minoxidil is recommended for hair loss suffers:
Minoxidil has a great impact on hair follicles nutrition, the result is that this medicine stop hair loss in a very short time, may be one or two weeks of use your hair stop to fall.

After months of hair loss you lose more than 50 percent of your hair , just few hair keep growing, so to keep existing hair , it's recommended to use minoxidil, It's guarantied this medicine can stop your hair fall, never wait to loss all your hair, this offers is still on amazon to date you can check it here.