Discovery of minoxidil:

The use of minoxidil to treat baldness and hair loss,has an important medical history ,was used for the first time in 1970 as a medicine to treat high blood pressure, and during the same year minoxidil was a drug subject to the test on several patients with blood pressure rise, and they observed an unwanted hair growth in places of the solution application in which , between 25% to 100% of the patients who were subjected , and that five people out of six patients observed to have excessive hair, and now they know the importance of the new drug in American laboratories ,it's a revolutionary treatment hair loss, and new hope to many people who have lost confidence in themselves because they have lost much of their hair.

minoxidil side effects:

It is known that each drug has a side effects and minoxidil in turn, noted that it gives some results unwanted, but that must be said about Minoxidil side effects are limited, they are only limited to some external manifestations unwanted, without posing any danger to human health, and without causing any damage to any organ or biological activity, and reflected major damages for the use of Minoxidil  are in the list below:

1.  unwanted hair growth for women in particular,in sensitive areas can wish can toutch the  appearance of the women, and appear particularly in the face and can be increased with length of use of minoxidil and the concentration of the solution, most for women are not advisable to use minoxidil with a concentration of 5% and can be compensated by a concentration of 2% only.

2. Some patients said they have noticed a decrease in their Concupiscence during use of minoxidil, but medical studies suggest that only 1% of patience may suffer of these troubles.

3. some of light Minoxidil side effects , that researchers through the experiences of minoxidil, noticed the emergence of some dark color in the skin of the face.

4.  fourth side effect considered the most dangerous because it causes decrease in blood pressure, and may be sharply lower for those who suffer from low blood pressure before use, the spectrum of these patients is not recommended to use the drug only after consulting your doctor and respect the dose prescribed for them.

molecule of minoxidil:
it chimichl name is ipiperidinopyrimidine derivative, and the synthetic form of the chemical name is 2,6-diamino- 4-piperidinopyrimidine 1-oxide This label would be understand by chemistry students ,the chemical form set out more clearly in the picture below:

how minoxidil works:

minoxidil acts to advance hair development by creating hyperpolarization of cell layers. This implies it extends veins and potassium channels. The outcome? Hair follicles are imbued with a more noteworthy measure of supplements, oxygen, and blood. This is thought to resuscitate old lethargic hair follicles, and continue existing ones more beneficial by empowering follicles into the development stage.